UIKit Dynamics, Core Animation Layers and Autolayout Constraints

Recently, we have been busy with interesting consulting work, and have not had a lot of time to write new blog posts. We appreciate the many emails, asking for more, but we have been fighting time and finalizing projects. Now, however, one of our projects is nearly finished. So, I found a couple of hours to write this post about combining UIKit Dynamics and other UIKit APIs.

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Biometrics: identity theft or individual security?

The iPhone 5s Touch ID™ has changed the standard for smartphone security. Apple’s innovative technology, which was initiated by the purchase of AuthenTech in 2012, enables instant access and personalized security, suddenly making it feel antiquated and overly involved to remember and enter a password into our smartphone.

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Using An Open Environment to Drive Innovation

At iNVASIVECODE we aren’t doing generic business. We strive to offer the most innovative iOS solutions to our clients. This requires contemporary thinking. This requires constantly asking: What do people need now? Therefore we have intentionally based our headquarters at Runway in downtown San Francisco. Runway is a brand new co-working space that is redefining the optimal environment for innovative business. At Runway openness creates community. We constantly collaborate with other businesses, exchange information, and troubleshoot complicated problems. We don’t operate in a box. Instead, we fuse our extensive experience with vital contemporary knowledge, creating the most relevant solutions possible.

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Map Kit in iOS 7

iOS 7 has brought a fresh new look to the entire UI, affecting also the Maps and the Map view. Let’s see what those changes are and how to take advantage of them.

If you check the Maps app, you will notice a slight update in the cartography of the map and hybrid mode. This update aims to deliver clearer cartographic information, so some graphic elements (the roads, for example) are blended to the map and labeling stands our more. Pins, callouts and user location views have been updated to embrace the new iOS 7 UI too. There is also the new tintColor property, which applied to MKMapView will affect down all the elements to show callouts and location views with matching colors.

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Machine readable code reader in iOS 7

Apple’s introduction of the innovative Pass Kit and the Passbook, in 2012, provided developers with an expansive new range of applications. This interesting technology, however, was incomplete, as there was no ability to read a barcode. This caused developers to use costly third-party solutions in order to implement a barcode scanner. Now, in 2013, Apple has updated this technology, providing developers with the ability to automatically generate machine readable barcodes that are scannable with an iOS devise. In this post we will closely examine these updated API’s.

Additionally, iNVASVIECODE offers in-depth explanations and hands-on learning examples of the latests API’s through specialized consulting sessions and comprehensive iOS training classes.

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UI Dynamics in iOS 7

iOS 7 is Gold Master. It introduces a lot of new features and frameworks. One of them is UIKit Dynamics that allow you to add real-world inspired interactions to your UI. You can add to your views behaviors as gravity, forces, elasticity and you can also combine them to create your own behaviors. This type of behaviors is usually used in gaming to provide a better UI interaction. UIKit Dynamics are designed for UI instead. If you want to build video games, please, refer to the SpriteKit framework that includes the same type of interactions. UIKit Dynamics do not replace Core Animation, UIView animations or motion effects.

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Will a fingerprint sensor be Apple’s next hit?

Some months ago, the press reported that AuthenTec was acquired by Apple. In the last few weeks, rumors on a fingerprint sensor embedded in the next iPhone generation have been increasing in the media. What would the fingerprint sensor be used for? Why do we need one on the iPhone or iPad? To make payments? I don’t think so.

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